Whoever starts in the city of Angels, often ends up partying in Las Vegas. I read that somewhere, but I don’t remember where. It was planned as followed: first to L.A., then to San Francisco and then to Las Vegas and finish back in Los Angeles. We could just as well start in San Francisco, but never in Las Vegas and that is for this simple reason: flying to Las Vegas from Europe is simply more expensive than when you travel to Los Angeles or San Francisco. Anyway, those who think of Las Vegas think of beautiful buildings, the big appearance, the nightlife and yes, the casinos. So the three of us must have seen and gone to Las Vegas. In addition, Las Vegas is the ideal base to travel on to the Grand Canyon, which in itself is also a must-do. In this Las Vegas travel guide 2019 I would like to tell you what you need to know before you travel to Las Vegas so that you can experience the time of your life there.

Sights you must see/experience

The Las Vegas Strip

Yes, that long street of almost 7 kilometers is one of the most popular sights in Las Vegas. And that’s not for nothing. There are hotels and casinos on both sides of the Las Vegas Strip and there are entertainers looking for that extra penny. Walking the Las Vegas Strip means taking pictures continuously, being surprised by the world’s best-known replicas such as the Eiffel Tower and the New York Statue of Liberty and walking up stairs if you don’t want to walk across the wide pedestrian crossing to the other side of the Strip.

Bellagio’s spectacular fountains

Bellagio is one of the most luxurious hotels/casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. But what is even more spectacular than the hotel itself is the fountain in front of the hotel. If you walk past the fountains at certain times, you may be shocked by the most beautiful water spectacles in the United States. The fountains are unique in Las Vegas, because – and here it comes – they are free. Free in Las Vegas is almost impossible, that’s why I added these fountains. And another tip: in the evening they are the most beautiful!

The famous Las Vegas Sign

If you like tourist attractions, you should go to the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas-sign. This plate is made in a unique Googie style. Although I say it’s a simple retro sign. That makes it easier for a large part of humanity, so they don’t have to look up “Googie” immediately. Anyway, what do I know about architecture. Be aware that sometimes (or often) it is a long wait to take your own personal photo in front of the board without people photobombing your picture. But it is a public attraction, which means that it is available to you 24 hours a day. Hopefully you will find a place without people, or you don’t have to wait long like us.

Address: 5200 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89119, Verenigde Staten

Strolling through Fremont Street

If streets could have siblings and could compete and compare, Fremont Street would compete with the Las Vegas Strip. Are you saying this is impossible? No, Fremont Street has become hugely popular in recent years. Perhaps even more popular than the Las Vegas Strip. It is one of the most vibrant streets in Las Vegas and coming here means only one thing: going crazy.

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Things to do

Day trip to the Grand Canyon

A visit to Las Vegas is not complete if you have not seen the Grand Canyon. In other words, you leave here, or you continue to this national park that has stolen my heart. We have seen the Grand Canyon National Park more than once. First we did a helicopter ride during sunset (MUST-DO in capital letters) to the south rim with a landing in the valley of the Grand Canyon. The following day we did a day trip to the same side by bus. We drove via Kingman to the South-rim of this national park. Simply beautiful.

Day trip to Death Valley National Park

Did you know that you can also do a day trip to Death Valley National Park? We did not do this, as we drove through this park on our way to Las Vegas. We stopped at the Zabriskie Point, the Sand Dunes, Furnace Creek and other countless viewpoints. One thing I know for sure: you should not miss this national park during a road trip on these sides or during a Las Vegas city trip.

Marry in a Chapel with or without Elvis

For those who have already found their true one and who prefer to get married in a hilarious rather than romantic setting: visit a Chapel and marry immediately with your loved one, your soul mate and best friend without thinking twice. I would never dare to do this, but for those who want to experience a real Las Vegas trip, getting married in Las Vegas can be a real Bucket List experience.

Daytrip to Boulderdam

The true connoisseurs would of course immediately know what I mean by Boulderdam. But for those who don’t know Boulderdam; it’s Hooverdam. This concrete arch dam is very large and is located in the Colorado River where Arizona and Nevada meet. We drove over the well-known bridge where you had to change your timepiece at some point, since there is a time difference between Arizona and Nevada. Hooverdam was also a stop on the day trip to the Grand Canyon.


Various restaurants on the Strip or Fremont Street

You can of course eat in your hotel, there is nothing wrong with that itself. But whoever wants to live the real Las Vegas life must go to the Strip or Fremont Street to eat and drink. Behind every corner or next to every hotel there is a restaurant where you can eat the crap out of yourself if you have enough money. But don’t be afraid; these streets also have budget options for all backpackers who head out to Las Vegas.

Planning your trip to Las Vegas

Would you like to travel to Las Vegas after reading my Las Vegas travel guide? Good! Las Vegas didn’t appeal to me, but anyway, every opinion counts and so does yours. I have seen Las Vegas at my own pace and without any Citypass, so unfortunately I cannot tell you how it is with such a pass. I can say that you can plan it perfectly yourself with this Las Vegas travel guide and therefore do not have to depend on the pass.


I didn’t really like Las Vegas. This city is too busy (yes), chaotic and wild for me. But don’t let that stop you from forming your own opinion about this city. Las Vegas may not be for me, but it may well be the city for you. Thank you for reading this Las Vegas Travel Guide. Feel free to email me for questions!

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