Who is Sanne Grieten?

Sanne Grieten is 21 years old and was born in the student city of Belgium: Leuven. In the desire to grow up in a nice city, she had to settle for a small village close to the big cities of Leuven, Mechelen and the capital Brussels. So a small village was not where she wanted to grow up. But it was because of this small village that she developed a sense of wanderlust.

First she started close, in her own country. Where the coast opened new perspectives. When the coast became her place, she wanted to explore new horizons: France, the Netherlands, and Germany. The neighboring countries of Belgium became new places and gave her new dreams. Italy, Portugal, Spain and Austria, Sanne learned that Europe is beautiful as well. When these destinations were too close to the door, she wanted to go further and more in-depth in traveling.

So many years later, she started a blog: Mostly Abroad. To note her dreams, wishes, and comments.

In general, Mostly Abroad is not an ordinary travel blog, it is more than sharing tips & tricks, publishing travel guides and writing reports about my trips. It is a community for those who are willing to pursue their dreams while.

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