Some swear by the fact that starting a travel blog without traveling full-time is impossible. Although it is difficult, it is not impossible. I only make a few trips a year, about two large and several smaller ones. It is not as easy compared to someone who, for example, is traveling for a year. Although I doubt that again since blogging is not that simple when you travel full-time as well. In other words, I think blogging is difficult in general. Whether you travel often or barely, have a beauty blog or one that’s dedicated to travel, etc. Starting a travel blog is easy, but maintaining one is a different cup of tea. Now that this is out of the way (and you still want to start and maintain a blog), I like to share my personal tips and tricks to set up a travel blog without always having to travel.

Having a travel blog, I think that’s the best. Every day I combine two of my passions: writing and planning to travel. I totally feel joy when I write about travel. However, I can’t always write about travel. This is because I don’t travel every month and actually don’t really explore my own country. On the one hand, I find this a shame because Belgium has a lot to offer. On the other hand, I spend my time building my travel blog. For example, I need to post tweets, put photos on Instagram, communicate with my readers and/or followers via Facebook, … I think traveling is as important as putting the work into your blog.

Now take as an example that you are traveling continuously. You see countries like Indonesia, Thailand and Australia on one trip and write blog articles about it. If the blog post is published, you’ll continue to visit the places you want. Of course, this is great. The only thing you miss here is to announce what you have written: social media, SEO, scheduling, etc. These are all activities that can be done from your lazy chair at home. In other words, traveling is just as important as writing, blogging and promoting.

Now, this may sound strange, I have to admit. Why do you even start a travel blog if you don’t travel that often? I also asked myself this question at the start of my blog. But traveling is my passion and I like to write about it, so why not? Actually, it isn’t this question that we have to ask ourselves. It is rather the reason why we do not travel that often. Is it because animals or family members are waiting for you at home? Or perhaps school or work that more or less stops you? For me, it is rather because I need money to travel. Backpacking is not really in my interests. But if there is a nice, luxurious and nice hotel at the place I want to visit; then you will surely know to find me. If I find the money of course!

For whatever reason, if you want to start a travel blog and are gripped by fear that you won’t be able to travel full-time: I assure you that travel blogging is possible without traveling full-time. As long as you have the passion for it and a healthy portion of perseverance. So, how do you make a travel blog without traveling? I’ll show you how in this article with a few useful tips and tricks as a bonus.

How to start a travel blog? – When you don’t already have one

Step 1: Buying yourself an own domain

You can indeed start a free blog on Blogger.com and WordPress.com. But I am not really someone who votes for this, because I myself have experienced how difficult it is to work on both platforms. Blogger.com doesn’t offer you many possibilities and WordPress.com is no different. Buying your own domain name is the best choice. Besides the fact that you have a personal domain name with a .com or any extension, you’ll also make a good and professional impression with third parties (even if you just blog for fun).

A very important reason to buy your own domain name immediately is the so-called Domain Authority (or DA). The Domain Authority is an important part of bloggers if, for example, they want to do well in Google’s searches. If people put links to your blog on their blog and you don’t have your own domain name, Google won’t really move you to that page 1 in a Google Search. This is because you placed your blog on the free Blogger or WordPress.com platform and these websites have their own DA but it isn’t particularly your DA, because a free blog won’t give you a Domain Authority. So the more authoritative blogs like “thisisablog.com” score better at Google than “thisisablog.blogger.com”.

After a long time struggling I switched to a domain name and I regret that I haven’t done it before. My advice? Start immediately on a domain name that you can purchase.

Most international bloggers are at BlueHost. Since I am of Belgian nationality and still prefer to be registered with a hosting company close to home, I bought my own domain name at Combell.

Step 2: Install WordPress

Okay, I did say that WordPress.com can’t be the right choice for bloggers. However, there is a difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. This one is rather a software than a bloggers platform. So there are so many plugins that you can use together with this software. The possibilities are endless.

Now it depends a bit on which hosting you are, but most of them will give you an option to install WordPress. This is just click on a button and then you’re done. Or, after a few minutes you can log in on your own admin panel which can be reached via yourblogname.com/wp-admin for example. At this moment, you still have to make your blog personal, build pages and don’t forget to write amazing content!

Venice Beach, Travel blog without traveling all the time

How to start a travel blog without traveling full-time?

Now you may wonder; how do I get to that content if I won’t travel all the time? Easy: with a blog strategy. This is a strategy that keeps you on your path and makes life as a blogger a lot simpler. You don’t always have to travel if you have a travel blog. On the contrary, you can use these tips and tricks to still grow as a travel blogger.

Step 1: Determine your blog goal

Why do you want to start a travel blog right now? Is it because traveling is your passion, a dream or a way to keep your family and friends up to date? Think about it, because this can help your blog on both short and long-term. For example, a travel blog that serves as a travel report for those who stay at home can get completely different content than a travel blog that is focused on bucket-list adventures. Once you have written down this goal in detail, you can decide whether there are other ideas that can also serve as blog content.

Step 2: Collect blog content ideas

A travel blog is defined as someone who shares his/her travel experiences with others via a blog. Totally agree, but you can write about so many things without actually traveling. Below you have a list about all the things you can blog about.

I. Top-lists

  1. Tips for traveling with animals
  2. Places you can visit in 2019
  3. Things that I want to see
  4. Tips to travel on a budget
  5. Best moments during travel
  6. Worst moments during travel
  7. What I wanted to know before (country, city, trip)
  8. Countries to visit in (month, year)
  9. Tips for solo traveling
  10. Most beautiful nature parks that I want to visit
  11. Places that you should definitely have seen
  12. Surrealistic places that actually exist
  13. Best beaches in the world
  14. Cheapest but best travel bags
  15. Most popular travel bloggers/vloggers
  16. Most beautiful travel songs for on a road trip
  17. Best travel films you have to see
  18. Warm places during the winter
  19. Sports activities that you can do in (place)
  20. Travel apps that need to be on your smartphone
  21. Top 50 travel essentials
  22. My best tips for traveling
  23. The best items before/during/after a trip
  24. Cheapest countries to visit
  25. Most expensive countries to visit as a tourist
  26. Qualitative cameras that are perfect for travel photography
  27. The travel hacks you were waiting for
  28. Top Christmas presents that every traveler wants
  29. Travel agencies that I want to travel with
  30. The best credit cards and loyalty cards

II. How-to blog posts

31. How do you pack the best?
32. How do you make a travel blog?
33. How do you plan a trip?
34. How do you make a trip around the world?
35. How do you create a blog?
36. How do you travel around the world without money?
37. How do you travel alone?
38. How do you travel with animals/children?
39. How do you work and travel around the world?
40. How do you travel sustainably/plastic-free?
41. How do you become a traveler when you study/work?
42. How do you survive a long flight?
43. How to save for a long journey?
44. How do you follow your dreams?

III. Others

45. What to do with bad weather while traveling?
46. Why I became a travel blogger
47. A photo report of my trip to (place)
48. Guest blog (blogger/person)
49. An introduction of (own country)
50. Places I have visited in the past
51. My travel plans for the future

Step 3: Spread out blog content

A travel blog without traveling all the time is, therefore, more difficult than most have in mind. However, with the list above you can get really far. My last tip is, therefore, to spread out your blog content, so don’t publish all your ideas immediately after each other.

It is difficult, but it is possible. Do you want more support for your travel blog adventure? Click here for another blog post!

Travel blog without traveling all the time in Santa Monica

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