Do you want to collaborate with Mostly Abroad?

Collaboration with Mostly Abroad

A business question? Do you want to cooperate with Mostly Abroad? Mostly Abroad’s readers are mainly based in the Netherlands and Belgium. Because of the bilingual blog, I have an audience that is worldwide. As well as the United Kingdom and the United States. They are all individuals who are interested in active adventures and cultural immersions. Most readers are women (76.5%) and the age varies between 25 and 34 years.

My most popular topics are traveling with a mental disorder, fun activities near the city center and activities that are not obvious to the general tourist. I also work regularly with companies (Wereldkaarten.nl, The China Guide, We Love L.A. etc.) and tourist services (Vienna Tourism, SF Travel). Mostly Abroad has about 6000 social media followers.

I would really like to work with you and put your product or a destination in the spotlight with my loyal followers/readers. Nevertheless, I am obliged to mention that I am going to work with your company, as my readers expect this and I would like to keep it honest.

Ways how we can collaborate
– A customized campaign
– A product review
– A press trip
– An advertorial
– A giveaway

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