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Author - Sanne Grieten

Sanne Grieten is the travel blogger of Mostly Abroad. Just like any travel blogger, she loves to travel and discover new places. In addition, she also fights every day with her mental health. To end the stigma, she also writes about this regularly.

Traveling with a mental disorder

Traveling with a mental disorder | Storytime

Many people love to travel. They love the adrenalin that travel brings them, the new places and people they will discover and how travel can literally and figuratively push their boundaries. And then I haven’t yet spoken about the food of that country (if you happen to be a foodie). All of this – and much more, makes people travel their favorite hobby. I...

How To Travel With Depression

It has been two days today that I literally threw all my life online. I feel relieved actually; no longer hiding anything and no longer lying about how I am doing. I also believe that more people are allowed to do this, because in order to break the stigma, we have to talk about it first. Besides the friendly messages, I also received other kind of mails: namely how...