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8 Travel Outlets That Pay a Freelance Travel Writer

Drinking a nice cold Ice Tea on the beach while checking the emails that coming in your inbox. Or type an article on the balcony of a cozy cottage in the province of Tuscany in Italy. You may find customers in the west coast of America, even though you live in New York City. Yes, with those absurdly high rents. You are finally getting some me-time off after your 24/7 job and you are willing hike the Inca Trail of Machu Picchu to get inspiration for your next assignments. It is all possible thanks to the following publications.

If there is something I do not like, it to romanticize things. Those Travel Writers who are typing their article on the beach? Forget it. The sand will destroy your keyboard in no time. And then have a working week of 24/7 to work on your other hobby / work every day for 16 hours? This is not possible. But becoming a Freelance Travel Writer? This exists and is feasible. Even though you will need kilograms of courage, sweat, time and tears.

I start at the beginning. You won’t become a Freelance Travel Writer in one, two and three. So it will take a lot of time to get this job. I went looking for the largest and most reliable publications where you can start your Travel Writing Career and those who pay you something on top of that. However, I must state that I didn’t include Lonely Planet and National Geo Travel in Part 1, for example. These publications are indeed one of the biggest, but they also impose enormous conditions that will not allow you to get started as a starting Travel Writer. Unless you are really a bomb of a talent. I would also like to say that these publications are English.

My Itchy Travel Feet

Payment: $30 per article

This is for those who… Well actually for everyone. From the best of the best Travel Writers to those writers who are just starting out. Thank god for me! My Itchy Travel Feet accepts everyone. Especially those which are related to their public audience. These are for example the active travel lovers.

click here for more information

Verge Magazine

Payment: 10 cent per word

Sounds little, doesn’t it? But if you know that an average travel article is about 1000 words, you will soon earn $ 100. Now I have your attention, haven’t I? Verge Magazine is for the young audience or for those who are young at heart. Many people do travel, but it are those who do it differently, who are guaranteed to find their place here.

click here for more information

Go World Travel

Payment: $30 tot 50 per article or photo blog

Unique, informative and descriptive articles, that is what Go World Travel is looking for. If you have what they ask, you’ll earn up to $ 50 for an article. The best thing is that you can also send photos and a blog, also called photo essay. I want to inform you that lists are not allowed here. Goodbye Top 5 x Publications that pay you!

click here for more information

Matador Network

Payment: $40 per article

Unique! Matador Network is also looking for that. They are quiet different to the other ones I’ve mentioned. They seek the best in both pros and novice and have articles that are respected worldwide. Matador Network is a publication that also has a community with many possibilities. Join this community and earn something. If you are only looking for publications that accept articles, you can click on the link below.

click here for more information

Wanderlust Travel Magazine

Payment: £220 per article

This is about the highest amount that will appear in this list. But do not dream away yet: there is a lot of hard and competitive friends concurrents. It is hard to be seen, but once you are seen, a new world opens up for you. Even though most contributors are professional and hard-working, those who do not dare do not win!

click here for more information

Escapees Magazine

Payment: $150 per article as a max.

Never heard of Escapees Magazine? Too bad, because here too you can earn a penny up to $ 150 per article. Even though the articles are not really broadly oriented. Escapees Magazine is rather looking for RV-lovers and people who are interested in this lifestyle. Are you that person?

click here for more information

Great Escape Publishing

Payment: from $50 to $200 per article

Great Escape Publishing goes further than just travel stories. This publication pays you a lot of money to the extent of how extensive and informative the article is. Is your article specifically about how you can make money on the road to a better life?Then this is the place-to-be for you.

click here for more information

The Expeditioner

Payment: $30 per article

Anyone can submit an article here that they wish. Only the article must be informative, interesting and inspirational for other travelers. The Expeditioner literally accepts everyone. So a good place to start, if you are that complete newcomer in the world of Travel Writing.

click here for more information


I wish you good luck in advance and of course I hope that one or more articles will be published by you.
Do you dream of a career as a Freelance Travel Writer? Yes or no, and why?

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