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Hi there and welcome to Mostly Abroad where the world is yours. My name is Sanne and I’m a wandering girl who loves the earth globe. On this page you’ll get to know me, so bump in and enjoy the ride!

Who am I?

Like I said, my name is Sanne and I’m a nineteen years old woman living in Belgium, Europe. My first trip was to France when I was just a baby and I’ve been traveling ever since. France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, UK, Greece, Italy and many more. I have been scratching it off my list. That’s why I decided to stop everything. My college and my work to see more of the world than just Europe. What can I say, I have wanderlust.

Why I started Mostly Abroad

When I quitted my beauty and personal blog Waves Into Motion, there was this strange feeling that forced me to continue blogging. I doubted and I doubted, whole days and different nights. But I was certain about one thing though, traveling is my passion. This is what I wanted to do for as long as I can. At the end of the road, I want to say; “I LIVED” and yes, I think traveling makes you feel alive.

So that’s when Mostly Abroad was born, a full time travel blog. Here you’ll find great tips and tricks, reviews, my journeys and much more. I will post a new article every day -if there comes nothing in between.