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Guide To Travel Blogging When You Are Not Traveling

Some really wonder this all the time before starting a travel blog: can I even become a travel blogger if I do not have the time to leave every month? To travel? The answer is quite controversial. One says: no way! You must always be on the move. The other says: fine, that works just fine. I belong to that last group. At least, I would like to believe that, since I am a travel blogger who doesn’t travel on a long trip every month. On the other hand, it sounds pretty tempting, being gone every month. But many of my readers, maybe you too, are already working or still studying. Then it isn’t possible to go to Australia one month and the next to Peru. Or you do not have the money for it, because traveling unfortunately does cost money. Even though many may say that this is not the case.

Travel Blogging Wanneer je niet altijd reist

Guide to Travel Blogging when you are not traveling

“But how do you do it?” I often read in emails. That is why I have put together a handy guide so that you too can become a travel blogger without having to travel every month. However, I say that this is not a fact, in the sense of: I do not know if it will work for you. For me this strategy works perfectly, yet this does not guarantee whether it is the case with you. I often see travel blogs rising from the ground just before a big trip. When this trip is over, this blog disappears into the oblivion, in other words in the infinity of the worldwide web. Too bad, because you can also run a travel blog if you are not always traveling. On the contrary, I am not traveling at the moment and my last trip was somewhere in November.

So let’s start right away, so that you can have a successful travel blog, while you read this article in the living room of your home (or somewhere else of course) and then get started with it.

Photo Blogs | The secret of many travel bloggers

Do you know that? You go on a trip and the first thing you do when you get off the plane, car or train is to take your camera with you? At least, I do. I look around with my own eyes and then click, click, click. I take pictures, whether it is from the start of my trip to the destination, or the entire route up to and including the end of the trip: I make sure that I have lots of photos. You will return home after a wonderful or non-glorious journey and you have already written about this destination. But then, in a next blog you can show a photo series of that same trip.

It’s a very good tactic: you put your old photos into use, you have new content and people are longer on your blog to view the photos, which results in a longer time session.

Guest blogging | Let others do the work

Of course you still have to publish it and edit it where necessary so that it fits your blog, but guest blogging is an excellent way to keep your blog running when you’re not traveling. There is always someone, somewhere that travels. So chances are you always have someone who wants to lend you a hand. Not only is this good for your blog, but also for someone else’s. You can promote each other a bit. Win win.

Travel Blogging Wanneer je niet altijd reist

Reading Blogs | But no copy paste!

My all-time favorite: reading blogs from other travelers. Not only do you have a day’s spending, an opportunity to communicate by leaving a comment on other blogs, but it also most likely gives you inspiration. I will give an example. I read an article a few weeks ago with someone who wanted to become a Travel Writer. A very popular topic. Instead of doing exactly the same thing, I decided to write an article about it, whose title: 8 Publications that pay you per article. Sound familiar in the ears? Yes, I published it Wednesday!

Past travels | Have you already wrote about it?

Let us make one thing clear; I have made a lot of traveling in my past. To say the least: I have made several trips every year. Unfortunately, I have not written about every trip yet. On the one hand because the photo quality is under the bar, and on the other hand because I simply have not done it yet. I have written articles here and there about Italy, but that was it. Here I come to the next point: you can write about your recent old travels. Everything is possible and everything is allowed.

Write now | Even if you don’t want to

There will be a day – perhaps now? – where you will be without articles. This happens when you have skipped this step. Do you have hours and hours, but do not know what to do? Then write a lot of articles, which you can publish later. Not only does it provide an article that can be published on a day that you do not have the time. It also takes care of the readers who always return to your blog.

Travel Blogging Wanneer je niet altijd reist

Drafts vs. Quantity | Don’t publish more than you can write

Here I have to pinch myself before I realize it: I want to publish something 7 times a week. But it simply can not. That is why I decided to only publish articles 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. My advice for you? Do this too! I do not say that you also have to post 3 times a week, but it may be useful to impose maximum articles from the beginning. Note: be consistent. Always post on the same day, so that your readers know when they can expect something.

Bucket lists | Write about your dream destinations

Do you really have no inspiration? Or no guest blog to publish? Have you posted more often than what your draft content allowed? No blog posts written when you had the time? Or no good quality photos to show? No problem, you can always make a bucket list with the places you would like to travel to. I notice that these lists are very popular with readers, so it is also good for your visitor numbers.

Travel Blogging Wanneer je niet altijd reist

Go local | Something in the neighborhood?

This is very appropriate for me, so I also put it to you for a moment: is there something in the neighborhood that you can write about? Whether it is a small, local and cozy street near the corner or on the other side of the country (if you do not have to travel far, hooray Belgium!): Go local and discover. There are quite a lot of nice places.

I do not think you always have to travel. It is of course more convenient, but it is not necessary. Try these topics, and you will see that it goes automatically. No one will notice that you are not traveling. That is the case with me.

Do you have a travel blog? If yes, do you travel all the time?

Guide to travel blogging when you are not traveling all the time

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