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Traveling to survive

My name is Sanne Grieten and I am a traveler with a scared, depressed heart. I am 22 years old, but since I was 10 years old, I have been struggling with psychological problems. To break the stigma, inspire others and motivate them to follow their dreams, I blog about this on Mostly Abroad.

In addition, I write about the trips I make, I share the best tips and tricks to travel cheaper and tell you the insights that I have learned over the past years.

Do you want an adapted and personal travel plan for a certain place, but don’t want to find this out all by yourself? I also offer my knowledge to prepare the perfect travel plan for you. Contact me for further information!

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I do not only travel to keep a report. I also travel to experience new things, discover new cultures and eat new dishes. Besides this, I share my insights with the world as well.

What I wanted to know before traveling to China

In November last year I was traveling to China. This was without a doubt one of the best trips I made. I visited and saw the Chinese Wall with my own eyes near Beijing, the Forbidden City in the center of the capital and the Terracotta army in Xi’An. In addition, I have seen many other things in Shanghai, the modern city of this incredibly large country.

This trip was a real Bucket List trip. Although I have followed many tips and tricks from other travel bloggers, I can not deny that there were other things I wanted to know before I traveled there. To make it easier for you, I have listed the best China must knows.

Bucket-List travels

Although I am still young, I have traveled quite a bit in my life. My favorite trips? Hard to answer since each trip had its fun and less nice sides. However, I did enjoy the trips below!


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I am currently in Belgium, the country in which I am raised and living my life; known from the Belgian chocolate, beer, and waffles.

Travel blogging when you aren’t traveling

1. Photoblogs

It’s a very good tactic: you put your old photos into use, you have new content and people are longer on your blog to view the photos, which results in a long time session.

2. Guest blogging

Not only is this good for your blog, but it’s also great for someone else’s. You can promote each other a bit.

3. Reading other blogs

Not only do you have something to spend your time on and an opportunity to communicate by leaving a comment on other blogs, but it also most likely gives you inspiration.