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My name is Sanne Grieten, a traveler with a scared, depressed heart. I am 21 years old, but since my 10th year of life I have been struggling with mental health problems. To break the stigma, inspire others and motivate them to follow their dreams, as well as help and share my insights, I blog about this on Mostly Abroad. Enjoy reading!

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Finding motivation to pursue your dreams | My Story #3

Every now and then, disasters hits me like a smash and I am so demotivated that I don't want to get out of my bed in the morning. It seems to me that on those days I simply can't manage to get up, make a decent life, eat breakfast or think of something positive. The last part, thinking positive is ... READ the POST

What to do on the biggest island of the Azores: São Miguel

The Azores are perhaps the best-kept secret in Europe. It became only recently possible to fly directly to São Miguel from the mainland and I am grateful that they have done so. It's about four hours of flying from Brussels, and it seems like you've flown for ten hours to get something so exotic. ... READ the POST

Traveling with a mental disorder | Storytime

Many people love to travel. They love the adrenalin that travel brings them, the new places and people they will discover and how travel can literally and figuratively push their boundaries. And then I haven't yet spoken about the food of that country (if you happen to be a foodie). All of this - ... READ the POST