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Dining in Vienna // The Flave

Do you know the feeling when you are entering a country, or a place in your own country, and you can’t wait to discover the new place? Indeed, I know that feeling too. Certainly if it is also a place where the gastronomy is great. As for me, I was invited by the Novotel Wien Hauptbahnhof and the Vienna Tourism Board. And you are already aware of the names: Wien / Vienna. For someone who is a foodie (unfortunately, I can and may not call myself a foodie), Vienna is known to be a place with a bunch of gastronomic delights.

Even though I love eating food, my knowledge of the Viennese cuisine was about only the famous Wiener Apfelstrudel. Seriously, who does not know this famous desert? But The Flave, the Novotel Wien Hauptbahnhof’s restaurant, gave me a few plates of Viennese cuisine. Curious? Have a read!

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The Flave

The restaurant its home is located in the Novotel Wien Hauptbahnhof. A hotel in the middle of town, close to the station, but far away from nasty noises. I went to dinner for two evenings at The Flave, with two different experiences. I will tell these experiences in this article along with some background about the restaurant. The Flave has an international cuisine. Yet you could or could not guess that The Flave predicts dishes of their own country/place: Vienna, Austria. In addition to dinner, you can also go to The Flave for lunch. At both dining times, you have enough time to play all the sweets through your stomach, as it has long opening hours. In addition, you do not have to be a guest to eat here. The Flave is open to everything and everyone. Even for animals.

hotel, travel, wien, vienna, novotel, Hauptbahnhof, station, the flave


So you get a menu where there are tons of different dishes, and after 10 minutes you still didn’t find what you want. Fortunately, there was a waiter who assisted me with advice on what to choose. May I always be grateful to him. I fully trusted his advice for the starter and enjoyed what the surprise brought me. The time it took before I had my starter was about 10 minutes. What’s very fast, should you ask me. However, I can not say for sure, as the restaurant was not yet full of space.

At my starter I got parma ham, two different kinds of delicacy cheeses, bread and two sauces. It was delicious, I can tell you that if you couldn’t guess it from the picture.

hotel, travel, wien, vienna, novotel, Hauptbahnhof, station, the flave

Main meal

Each country needs a hamburger specie, I think. The most famous hamburgers are of course those from America, but this Viennese Hamburger should be right on the top list, if you ask me. What was on my plate was bombastic, but it was very tasty. Fries were served and despite the fact that these fries were salty, I enjoyed it.


Yes, even though I am so focused on making no mistakes, I have made one again. I have not made a picture of that famous Wiener Apfelstrudel, which I feel very sorry for. It looked so photogenic, but first of all, so delicious. Probably, therefore, I didn’t make any pictures. How did I like such a Wiener version now? Well, I found it excellent. Unfortunately, such a version is not available in Belgium, which makes me feel obliged to depart to Austria again.

hotel, travel, wien, vienna, novotel, Hauptbahnhof, station, the flave

My experience with The Flave

The first evening I went to eat at The Flave, everything went well. Really. I couldn’t be happier with the service I received and the food that came on my plate. I enjoyed every bite, knew immediately that I could ask about the food and also received advice from the waiters. So why wouldn’t I eat for a second time?

Friday night I went to dine again in the restaurant. Even though the food was as good as the day before, I missed something. Perhaps the friendliness of the waiter or the conversation I could make. I had to move from the table twice that night when I sat down for a while. Of course not a nice moment, and not really professional how they passed it over. This was a real disaster of that evening. But I’m still honest; The restaurant itself is good, the food is both international and Austrian very tasty and there are some supernatural, friendly waiters.

Do you prefer to dine in the hotel’s restaurant?

*Disclaimer: The stay is sponsored by the Novotel Wien Hauptbahnhof. In other words, Novotel has fully funded my stay. Still, all opinions are like always honest and mine.

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