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5 Best Packing Hacks + Free Printable

China is almost here guys! It comes unbelievably close, which makes me nervous on the one hand and on the other hand it makes me happy. So it’s time I pack my suitcases with the best packing hacks that exist. Are you curious about which hacks I use for each trip? Whether this trip is near or far away? Then I have good news, because if you haven’t guessed it yet; I have listed some of the best packing hacks today. Above these best packing hacks you will get a FREE packing list to leave well-prepared for travel. Almost everything is filled in, but every person is different. Therefore you get two sheets. One way to check the things I filled in and one to fill in yourself.


I’m not a person at all, knowing the different fabrics. But when it comes to packing bags, I’m pretty sure that very thin, fragile fabrics that have to be ironed are very easy to crease. And if you have to pack it, it will soon be a battlefield when you open your suitcase after a long journey.

Roll up instead of folding the clothing up

If you want to bring a special fabric, it’s just best to roll instead of folding. It also takes up much less space, which means you can pack more clothes or supplies. No wrinkles, more place: win-win situation! This is also a proven method to gain more space, so be sure to do it.

Flexible clothing

No idea why I call it flexible clothing, but by this I mean you should pack your clothing in accordance with outfits instead of separate garments. For example, I take several pieces, where I can make different outfits out of it. This will save time, space and effort! We all know the pain in the early morning where we don’t know what to wear that day while you have a suitcase full of clothes.

Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes are a gift from heaven if you ask me. What I like the most about packing cubes are the possibilities. They are endless and can really serve for everything: electronics organizer, dirty laundry, packing clothes to have even more space. You also have them in all sizes, so no excuse not to buy them, because they are working.

Foldable backpacks

Practically speaking, it may be one of the best backups that exist; the foldable backpacks. Usually you can fold the backpack in such a way that it fits into a mini-bag. If you don’t have a folding backpack, I would like to advise you to just buy one. But make sure you do not put any fragile stuff in this backpack because it is so foldable, there is no protective layer on the inside.

Packing Lists

Packing lists, always something useful. Don’t you know how and what to pack? No worries! I’ve made a Packing List that you can download if you click below or here. Well prepared for travel, always taken beautifully!

Grab your Packing List Printable!
Click on the image to grab your free printable here!

What is the most difficult thing to pack?

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